Pressure Washing Cleveland




Do you need pressure washing Cleveland?  We have been pressure washing in the greater Cleveland area for over 12 years.  Over the years we have found better and safer detergents.  These new cleaners have allowed us to be able to clean with lower pressure.  We let the soap do the work for us and mainly use the pressure washer for rinsing the soap off.  A pressure washer is a great tool, but too much pressure in the wrong hands can do more harm than good.

What To Expect – Pressure Washing Cleveland

First off it is a power washing wand and not a magic wand.  On aluminum siding we need to go really light with the pressure because the surface paint on aluminum siding is really fragile and can be damaged easily.  When we power wash aluminum siding we will kill and remove the mold, algea and mildew, will will also clean most of the dirt and grime; the ground in dirt (especially under eaves and overhangs, where the rain can not get too) can not be completely removed.  Vinyl siding cleaning, on the other hand typically comes out great with one exception, artillery fungus.  Artillery fungus are little spores that are shot out from the mulch around your home.  They can shoot over 40 feet in the air.  They leave little black dots all over your house and if you peel them off it leaves a brownish dot behind.  Gutter brightening – all gutters will come cleaner.  Some gutters, not sure if it is from neglect, atmospheric conditions or just a cheaper finish paint on the gutters will just come a little cleaner while others come out perfect.  I did two neighbors houses and the first house the gutters came cleaner where the second houses’ gutters came out like brand new.

Family, Friends And Neighbors Discounts

We are currently offering a $50.00 discount for any referal.  This $50.00 is off the price of your homes power washing and $50.00 off the price of your family, friend or neighbors homes’ power washing as well.

Graffiti Removal Cleveland – Pressure Washing Cleveland

Besides pressure washing Cleveland, we also offer graffiti removal.  Did you come home from work one day to find graffiti on your Cleveland area home.  We can remove graffiti from most surfaces.  The way graffiti removal works is we apply the graffiti remover the the graffiti and let the cleaners work.  After a few minutes we power wash the graffiti off.  Very light pressure is used here too when we power wash.  On stubborn graffiti we sometimes need to use heat to soften up the graffiti.  We have been successful in removing graffiti from brick, metal, glass, concrete and wood.

Deck Pressure Washing – Pressure Washing Cleveland

We also offer deck pressure washing.  Depending what your deck is made of determines how it is cleaned.

Concrete Deck – when cleaning concrete the use of a power washer and high pressure is normally needed.  We will also add some cleaners to kill and remove mold and mildew.

Composite Deck – With a composite deck you need to let the cleaners do the work and not the power washer.  Composite decks can easily get damaged by to much pressure.

Wood Deck –  Wood deck cleaning is a lot more work.  First you need to apply the cleaners.  After a few minutes you need to gently power wash them clean.  After the deck cleaning is done the deck needs to be neutralized before it came be stained.  The neutralizer also helps to clean and brighten the wood.

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