How Does Government Graffiti Removal Work

How Does Government Graffiti Removal Work?

You find your self wanting to have graffiti removed and not sure which way to go? Ask yourself how does government graffiti removal work? If you are looking to remove graffiti from your property, then your options will depend on where you live. Regardless of where you live, you will be able to either clean it up yourself or simply leave it. If you are a populated area, then there may be a painting company that specializes in graffiti removal. This is an excellent option for most, as the private company will have the experience and equipment to quickly get the job done. If you live in a more populated town or city, you may also have the government take care of your graffiti for you.

How does the government graffiti removal work? Lets take a moment to find out.

1. There Has To Be A System Set Up

Many city, town, and county governments have programs set up to remove graffiti. These can be individuals directly employed by the government, or a group that the government contracts the work out to. A random example is the city of Rochester NY, which has a “Defacer Eraser” program to remove graffiti from private and public lands. Similar plans can be found in countless other cities as well. Once a system is set up, then any person can contact them to request their service.

2. Meeting the Requirements

Are you reporting graffiti on public or private land? If it is public land, then the government will usually have no problem with removing it. All you have to do is submit the proper paper work to the right group and it will get done with any luck in a timely manner. If it is on private land, then it becomes a little more difficult. Most governments will require written permission on the part of the landowner to remove the graffiti. While this is easy if you own the building, it may be more challenging if you are renting it out as a shop owner or apartment.

In addition, some government run graffiti removal services has additional stipulations. For example, they may require you at first attempt to remove the graffiti from your property. They may even require documentation of the attempt. In addition, they may have additional stipulations like they can only remove graffiti from the first floor and so on.

3. Fees

Most government run graffiti removal services are free to use. If there is a fee associated, then it may only come into play after the first graffiti removal. For more information on how does government graffiti removal work check out our website and make sure to give Tom at Ace Painting a call for your free estimate today!




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