Concrete Sealing

Concrete Driveway SealingIf you look around, you will notice that concrete is all over the place. It has now become a very popular building material. Concrete is used for everything from sidewalks to pool decks and even walls in some instances. Concrete is deceiving, it seems that it is an impervious product but that is far from the case. Concrete is very porous, and as such, it is very susceptible  to being damaged by erosion, water and chemicals. Concrete readily absorbs water, oil and other contaminates, leaving you some very ugly stains. Because of the rough surface, it is also a wonderful environment for mildew, mold and algae to grow and multiply.

Without protection, the erosion process is always attacking your concrete surfaces. During the summer months there is usually not a lot of issues but bring on winter and you have a whole new set of issues. When you use salt and other de-icing chemicals to remove the ice, the water then penetrates into the concrete where it is susceptible to freezing and damaging the concrete. These de-icing chemicals also work on the concrete itself, breaking it down over time.

Stop this damage before it gets started by calling on Ace Painting to seal your concrete driveway, sidewalk, patio, pool apron and more. Our concrete sealing service includes all the cleaning and preparation of the concrete that needs to be sealed. Proper preparation is the key to getting a quality finish.

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