Stone Sealing

Stone Sealing Cleveland, OHFor our Cleveland area customers, cultured stone is a building material that they are familiar with. This stone is man made out of concrete to look like natural stone. You see this stone all over the place from homes to businesses. Because this type of stone is normally cheaper than natural stone it is a building material that is sought after because of the aesthetic qualities. Due to this cultured stone being man made, it is susceptible to damage from water intrusion.

All over the country you can find structures that have this stone incorporated into the facade. Many of these buildings also have unseen water intrusion damage because of the susceptibility of water seeping through the stone.

Having your cultured stone sealed by Ace Painting will help to prevent this damage before it can start. You may even be able to change the color of your stone facade. Our sealing and coloring system allows us to change the color of most stone all while keeping the natural look of the stone.

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